Audiobook Builder 2 v2.2.2 - MacOS

For audiobooks in Mac OS X, there is a special M4B format, which is the standard for the iTunes Store. In this regard, in order to be able to upload to your iPod or iPhone an audiobook that was not purchased from the iTunes Store, you need to have tools for creating m4b files with your own hands. There is nothing particularly outstanding in M4B - it is absolutely identical to the AAC format. But still, almost all audiobooks that can be found on the Internet are encoded in MP3. Moreover, often an audiobook consists of many such files. Therefore, a good program for creating audiobooks, firstly, should be able to convert sound normally, and secondly, be able to combine several files into one book. And Audiobook Builder handles all this perfectly. In addition, the program works great with Cyrillic and supports book covers. How to make an audiobook for iOS devices in OS X using Audiobook Builder (*.m4b) as an example

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