Kazrog - True Iron 1.3.1 VST, VST3, AAX (x64)

True Iron is a NAMM TEC Award nominated plug-in created by Shane McPhee (Kazrog) in collaboration with Devin Powers (Powers Music Company). It faithfully simulates 6 classic linear transformers known for being used by many of the biggest names in vintage analog external sound processing. Models are based on UTC 108 X, Malotki E4M - 4001B, Western Electric 111C, Haufe V178, Marinair LO1166/A and UTC O-12. These transformers add weight, weight and girth to your mixes and masters. The plugin features adjustable strength, input impedance, wet/dry ratio, and a dedicated "Crush" control for adding fat transformer saturation to tracks and busses. Plus, the plug-in's CPU usage is low enough that you can add it to every track or bus in your mix to add virtual analog warmth to your entire mix.

Kazrog - True Iron 1.3.1 VST, VST3, AAX (x64)File Size 81.2 MB

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