Sinevibes Collection 2022.1 VST, AAX (x64)

Albedo pic is a granular cloud reverb plugin. It constantly records incoming audio into a buffer and at the same time triggers up to 64 separate looped playback points, called grains, scattered in this buffer. All grains have their own random size and position, and when they are stacked on top of each other, a lush "cloud of sound" effect is created. Blend pic is a polyphonic choir made up of 16 separate layers. Each one is actually a chorus effect in its own right - complete with a dedicated modulation generator and feedback loop. Corrosion picis a multi-algorithmic distortion effect plug-in. It is based on a 4x oversampling DSP engine that uses analog-type anti-aliasing filters for an unusually smooth sonic character. Dipole pic is a plug-in with an end-to-end flanger effect. It uses two delay lines with dual-mode feedback, and one of the delays can operate earlier or later than the other. Dispersion pic is a bouncing ball delay plugin. Droplet pic is a delay simulation engine for creating "raindrop delay" effects. Eternal pic is a plugin with a flanger effect. Hollow pic is a plugin with a spatial reverb effect. Luminance picis a plug-in for creating "shimmering reverb" effects - unrealistic acoustic simulations of space that gradually shift the pitch of the reverb tail up or down. Rerun pic is a plugin with a spontaneous repeating effect. It constantly samples small fragments of the incoming sound, plays them several times, and then starts again. Whirl pic is a phaser effect plugin. It is based on the Bode frequency shift model with feedback, an algorithm that creates unique peaks and troughs in the spectrum that move up or down in a seemingly endless fashion, with one sweep of the spectrum blending into the next like a sound illusion.

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