Adobe Substance 3D Painter 7.4.2 [macOS] [HCiSO]

Substance 3D Painter has the tools you need to easily texturize 3D assets to your natural hand gestures, from advanced brushes to smart materials that automatically adapt to your model. Painter is widely used in game and film production, as well as in the design, clothing and architecture industries. This is a 3D texturing application that will come in handy for creative professionals all over the world. Powerful drawing engine Draw 3D models with dynamic brushes, projection tools or particles. Painter also supports Photoshop brush sets. Intelligent Artwork Tools Use Smart Materials, which adapt to any object and allow you to realistically display surface texture or wear marks. Use mask styles that adapt to any shape and paint with efficient, dynamic tools.

Additional Information
Installation Mount the image and drag the application icon to the Applications folder We use! K'ed by HCiSO Do not update the app!

Adobe Substance 3D Painter 7.4.2 [macOS] [HCiSO]File Size 2.24GB

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