App Builder 2022.3 x64

App Builder lets you create HTML5 smartphone apps and mashups even without knowledge of programming languages. And all this thanks to a visual environment that allows you to simply move and add elements to create real masterpieces. Despite the fact that the main idea of ​​App Builder is to allow even those users who do not have programming knowledge to create applications, it will also be useful for more advanced users who use javascript. Thanks to its integration with Apache Cordova, App Builder can generate applications for Android, iOS, Windows 10 and other platforms. Add. Information : App Builder includes help materials explaining how to use the controls, as well as several tutorials. All of them, and especially those with explainer videos, are for anyone who wants to learn more about software development. App Builder is a very interesting application, thanks to which even users who do not have programming knowledge can create applications for smartphones. Of course, this will require patience and perseverance, but App Builder's user-friendly interface makes the whole process much easier. Some features of the program: • there is a visual constructor that will provide you with dozens of visual and non-visual applications; • in the constructor of hundreds of visual actions, you can always find what you need, and for this you do not need to know Javascript perfectly; • the utility contains the necessary material for placement in WebApps and development of WebExtensions in browsers; • there is a command line compiler in addition to the visual environment ... and much, much more.

App Builder 2022.3 x64File Size 176.4MB

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