Black Salt Audio - All Plug-Ins 1.0.0.-1.1.3 (VST3, AAX)

Black Salt Audio is a young company that was created by sound engineer Jordan Valeriote (Silverstein, Afterimage, Auras, etc.). Since launch, the company has already offered three new plugins for use: Escalator, Low Control and Oxygen. Escalator: A very flexible and accurate saturator designed to add color, punch to your instruments, or make vocals warmer and more enjoyable. Low Control: Designed to allow you to take full control of the Low End frequencies, boost or cut them without too much impact on the overall mix. Oxygen: Bring freshness to your mix, add nice harmonics to the high frequencies, and make the sound breathe just the way you want it to.

Additional Information
Installation 1. Install plugin 2. Use Keygen from R2R 3. Done

Black Salt Audio - All Plug-Ins 1.0.0.-1.1.3 (VST3, AAX)File Size 39.2MB

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