Geek Uninstaller 1.4.9 Build 151

Geek Uninstaller is a handy, small and reliable uninstaller that does not require installation, designed to help users uninstall programs installed on the system. Unlike other uninstallers, the program performs deep scanning processes and cleans your PC of what is left after the uninstallation. Supports removing store apps from the Windows Store.

Additional Information
Program features: • Quick launch • Possibility to delete information for uninstallation • Deep scan in the file system and registry • No installation required • Very simple yet effective user interface • Forced uninstallation capability • Ability to view information about the installed program in the registry editor • Multilingual support interface • Work in 32/64-bit Windows • The program is portable, does not require installation.
Geek Uninstaller 1.4.9 Build 151File Size 6.1 MB

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