Hard Disk Sentinel PRO 6.0.0 Build 12540

Hard Disk Sentinel is an excellent program for monitoring the status of HDD/SSD media. Now more than ever, the information stored on them is important. I myself have repeatedly encountered cases when users did not make backup copies of important files, and then they were very upset because of their loss. Think for yourself - a job, a family photo / video archive, as well as other information that is of value, can disappear in an instant. Today they charge a lot of money for restoration, so it’s better to prevent such situations by storing copies on other devices and in cloud services. Hard Disk Sentinel will show you the health of your drives and tell you if any of them should be replaced. There is a scheduler, reports, various tests. Save your files today.

Hard Disk Sentinel PRO 6.0.0 Build 12540File Size 93.8 MB

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