OpenVPN 2.5.6

OpenVPN is a powerful program for working with private virtual networks. The utility allows you to use and configure virtual networks based on Wi-Fi connection points or ADSL modems. The program allows you to create encrypted channels to connect to a server or from one access point to another by forwarding a router or modem.

Additional Information
OpenVPN serves as an automatic access to networks like SSL or VPN and uses a special technology to ensure the greatest protection of the main channel and data flow. With OpenVPN, you can solve a wide range of problems, including connections for remote users, telecommunications for home and office, secure connections for wireless networks, secure communication with remote offices. OpenVPN capabilities allow the creation of an enterprise-scale remote access system with support for load balancing, fault tolerance and clear access level differentiation. In addition, OpenVPN will allow you to easily establish connections between computers, which in turn are behind a NAT-firewall, while you will not need to change any settings, everything is clear enough. In order to ensure maximum protection of the control channel and data flow, this program uses the well-known OpenSSL library. If you wish, you can configure batch authorization like HMAC, unless of course you need more security, although it seems to me that the standard library is quite enough. OpenVPN can authorize hardware acceleration, thus encryption performance will be improved.
OpenVPN 2.5.6File Size 7.98 MB

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