Sonokinetic - Sordino Strings (KONTAKT)

Muted Orchestral Strings Sordino strings add three important articulations to Sonokinetic's orchestral string collection, which are conveyed with Sordino, or Mute, on the strings. This is a very specific sound that will surely enchant and delight! The Sordino strings were recorded as part of the Orchestral Strings family, in the same room, with full divisi and the same attention to detail. They perfectly complement the Sonokinetic Orchestral Strings and fulfill the need for a warmer and smoother sound. All functionality of Sonokinetic Orchestral Strings has been ported to Sordino Strings, with the exception of MIDI export.

Sonokinetic - Sordino Strings (KONTAKT)File Size 25.51GB

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