Sound Particles - 4FX BUNDLE 02.2022 VST, VST3, AAX

Is a part of Sound Particles 4FX BUNDLE: Air 1.1.6 — the ideal tool for imitation of distance due to attenuation of high frequencies. A close object does not sound like a distant object. Quickly invent sound effects by adding depth and distance to your sounds. There is no need to re-record everything. BrightnessPanel 1.0.1aims to change the way you use sound in a space, enriching your mixes by spreading the sound around you. This unique sound plugin makes panning easier than ever by applying motion to your sounds using brightness analysis. Think of panning as being controlled by the pitch of musical notes, the brightness of sounds, or the MIDI notes you're playing. From music to audio post, Brightness Panner lets you dynamically move sounds across a variety of playback formats - from stereo to 5.1 and 7.1 surround, to Dolby Atmos 7.1.2, Ambisonics to 3rd order and binaural. Doppler 1.1.5is a professional audio plugin for sound design and sound post-processing. Ideal for simulating the physical behavior of sound moving through air, turning your mix into an incredibly immersive audio experience. Doppler simulates the behavior of objects moving through the air, providing sound with very accurate transmission characteristics. By controlling all the parameters that physically affect pitch, level and EQ in real situations, Doppler gives you the most natural sound emulation for your work. Energy Panner 1.1.2uses the intensity of the sound to control its movement. From traditional stereo to immersive, this plugin allows artists to add dynamic depth to their panning methods without any effort or additional routing. In the Energy Panner, the intensity of the sound controls the panning, creating movement that responds to the sound. Imagine drums moving to the beat, synth notes moving as they attack, among many other actions. From music to audio recordings, from stereo to Dolby Atmos, Energy Panner is the plugin you definitely need in your toolbox.

Sound Particles - 4FX BUNDLE 02.2022 VST, VST3, AAXFile Size 53.5MB

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