Spectrasonics - Keyscape Lite (STEAM) Soundsources 1.0.4dLite + Patches 1.3.4cLite

KEYSCAPE™ is a brand new virtual instrument with the largest selection of keyboards in the world. According to the company, their team has been collecting and restoring, and then sampling the most famous and popular keyboard instruments for ten years. • Huge library with over 500 “best-in-class” sounds, 36 instrument models and hybrid dual patches • Very accurate, advanced multisampling with up to 32 velocity layers per note • Modeling of mechanical noises, pedal noise, key release, etc. d. • Sound patches feature authentic circuitry of modeled amps and effects • Full integration with Omnisphere® 2 tool The Lite version includes the following instruments: Hohner Clavinet C JD-800 Crystal Rhodes LA Custom C7 Grand Piano MK-80 Contemporary Rhodes MKS-20 E Piano MKS-20 Electric Grand MKS-20 Vibes Rhodes - Classic Mark I Rhodes - LA Custom “ E" Wurlitzer 140B
Spectrasonics - Keyscape Lite (STEAM) Soundsources 1.0.4dLite + Patches 1.3.4cLiteFile Size 28.18GB

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