Steinberg - Cubase Pro x64

It is very convenient to create, mix, record music by means of the Steinberg Cubase Elements sound workstation. A rich selection of virtual instruments, the use of advanced technologies and an extensive audio library of ready-made elements for soundtrack design turn the work of sound recording into a creative process that ensures the realization of ideas of any complexity and guarantees high-quality results. The Cubase Elements version contains all the necessary tools for developing, mixing and recording sound compositions by beginners, and is also applicable for home use.

0. Install eLicenserControlSetup.exe
1. Install "Soft-eLicenser local license generator b25"
2. Install Steinberg_Library_Manager_win.exe
3. Install Steinberg_Activation_Manager_Installer_win.exe
4. Run the Setup.exe file in the folder Cubase_12_Installer_win and install Cubase 12
5. Run "Activation Manager Unlocker b1.exe" and then restart the PC

Remove or remove from startup buggy software that interferes with eLicenser Control:

MSI Afterburner
RedFox AnyDVD
PunkLabs Rocketdock
Samsung Settings
Asus Xonar HookSupport Manager

and similar

Steinberg - Cubase Pro x64File Size 777.6MB

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