TunePat Tidal Media Downloader 1.6.2

Download Tidal music to your computer. Convert Tidal music to common MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC format. Keep Hi-Fi sound quality after conversion. Keep all ID3 tag information and improve conversion speed by 10x. Downloading Tidal tracks from the web player Tidal is a subscription-based music and podcast streaming service that offers access to millions of tracks and allows subscribers to download music for offline playback. But music can only be downloaded in the app, and it is not possible to save the music to your computer. In order to let you download and save Tidal music on computer, TunePat offers a powerful program called TunePat Tidal Media Downloader to help you convert unlimited audio files from Tidal web player which is available on almost all computers.

Additional Information
Download and Save Tidal Music as MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC TunePat Tidal Media Downloader is an all-in-one audio downloader and converter that supports converting Tidal music to most popular formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC formats. With Tidal Media Downloader, you can easily transfer Tidal tracks between devices and play Tidal music in unsupported apps as well as players at any time. Preserving Hi-Fi audio quality after conversion Tidal offers two levels of service: Tidal Premium with lossy quality support and Tidal Hi-Fi level with lossless CD quality support. And listening to Hi-Fi music requires faster download speeds. When the internet is limited, the best choice for listening to lossless CD quality audio is to download Tidal music offline with TunePat Tidal Media Downloader. The best sound quality that TunePat can download for Hi-Fi subscribers is High Fidelity sound quality. For Tidal Premium users, TunePat supports downloading Tidal music with standard sound quality. Fast Conversion Speed ​​Keeping ID3 Tags Using unique and innovative technology, TunePat Tidal Media Downloader can batch convert Tidal songs up to 10 times faster. In addition, this program allows you to organize the output files by artist and album according to your needs, and keep ID3 tags after conversion, including titles, artist name, album, etc

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