WinNTSetup 5.2.3

WinNTSetup (Windows Setup Tool) is a program for creating an additional boot module for the Windows operating system. The utility is a kind of alternative installer that allows you to install a second operating system both on a free partition of an internal or external hard drive, and on a virtual hard drive (VHD) and a USB flash drive. In this case, the presence of a flash drive or a disk with the distribution kit is not necessary (but, if necessary, you can use these drives for installation).

Additional Information
How to use: Using the program is quite simple, but if you have any difficulties, this instruction will help you. When you first start the program, you will need to download additional ADK files for further work, download and get into the main program window. Specify the path to the install.wim file, which is located in the folder with the unpacked ISO image of the operating system distribution. Specify the disk partition for the boot sector and boot manager. The disk partition must be active, for this you need to go to the "Disk Management" of the Windows system and "Make Partition Active". After this action, all manipulations with WinNTSetup must be completed to the end, otherwise you will not be able to boot (you cannot turn off or restart the computer after this step). Specify the partition where Windows will be installed (this may be the same partition where the bootloader is installed). Press the "F" button located next to the select button and format the selected partition. Specify the folder with the drivers (if necessary, you can immediately select the drivers for a specific hardware). We press the "Install" button, be sure to check the boxes "Find and add to the boot menu all versions of Windows" and "Automatically restart the PC after installation." We are waiting for the unpacking of the image. The computer reboots, select the newly installed system from the boot menu. We expect devices to be detected and accounts created after the first launch. Additional libraries and software are best installed later, using WPI.
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