8Dio - Animalix Vol.1 (KONTAKT)

The 8DM Animalix is ​​an ultra-modern blend of big room, progressive and electric house designs. The style is raw, animalistic and uncompromising. Animalix comes with 15 custom large room kits, 50 hardcore trance anthem synths, 50 unforgettable tonal percussion synths and 50 highly sought after talking synths. A version of Kontakt using all our experience from 8Dio with our new 3.0 Chaos FX Engine, 3D layout rendering and a hyper-flexible interface. We made it easy, super flexible and with the right sound in the top charts. from the box. Play and go! Disclaimer : You won't find any fillers, bad standard sounds or weak patches here. Everything has been polished and engineered to match the sound of NOW Unleash your animal and chart roar.

Additional Information
8DM Animalix Kontakt Edition uses all the knowledge we have gained from our industry-leading collection of 8Dio samples. Whether it's the ability to control everything from the keys - such as pitch, real-time FX or our logic file organization and ease of use. We have created a 3D user interface and design that can get you started right away. We've also integrated our new proprietary FX 3.0 system, which means you have an absurdly large arsenal of options (eg Side Chainer with Sculpt, Trance Gate, Arps, Pitch-Control, real-time control of all major effects). Animalix Contact contains 15 drum kits and 150 multisampled synths. We also create our own super arp for Animalix, so you always have all the common EDM FX at your fingertips. It just works and is completely ready for the Top 40.
8Dio - Animalix Vol.1 (KONTAKT)File Size 3.07GB

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