Boom Library Seasons Of Earth - Summer 3D Surround / Stereo (WAV)

EARTH TIMES new symphonic palette. From season to season, we were going to capture all the magical timbres of mother nature, recording the most interesting places, full of life and beauty, trying to convey the sound character of the Earth as accurately as possible. With the unrivaled Scheops ORTF3D Surround Set, we've captured the highest quality summer sounds imaginable - available in 3D Surround or Stereo.

Additional Information
Content CHAMBER WINDS OF MOTHER NATURE An assembled chorus of crickets sing epic poems of sultry winter nights, while crisp leaves chime like bells on the lone prairie trees. We've captured the sonic diversity of summer and all the hidden treasures it brings. Imagine the wind singing around the trees and cacti, the chorus of coyotes saluting the moon on the high plains, and the breeze blowing over the waters of the lake. The summertime nature of North America is perfectly captured in 3D with Schoeps ORTF, which takes the listener by hand into a whole new season of sound. INTENSE SOUNDS OF HUGE LANDSCAPE This is a collection of pristine recordings of the summer world like you've never seen before, with such clarity and detail that the listener can hear a distant tree swaying in a desert field. All the sounds of nature are perfectly balanced by our sound engineer, who has chosen ideal locations, free from air traffic and human noise, to record these perfect sonic treasures. STEREO VERSION INCLUDED In addition to full 3D Surround, a stereo version is included with your purchase of the 3DS with the same audio material and is production ready for more common formats.
Boom Library Seasons Of Earth - Summer 3D Surround / Stereo (WAV)File Size 75.1GB

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