Fiedler Audio - Plug-ins Bundle 2022.4-VR VST3, AAX x64

Whether it's music, film/video, streaming, games or VR/AR, Spacelab opens up a revolutionary new way to put all your tracks in the right acoustic perspective. Spacelab combines state-of-the-art reverb, 3D panning and spatial adjustment in one plugin.

Additional Information
Stage Simply put, Stage is here to give your mixes that ultimate brilliance and depth you've heard on countless recordings, bringing out an inherent character you may not have known your sounds had. -Spacelab interstellar The ideal solution for spatial panning and high quality reverb for any format, from stereo to 3D, in your preferred DAW. Fully compatible with Dolby Atmos or MPEG-H workflow. -Spacelab ignition Take your mixes to the next level of reverb and spatial processing, from stereo to full 3D, in your preferred DAW. Mix for new 3D formats wherever you are.

File Size 58.5MB

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