Overloud TH-U Premium 1.4.9 + Content

TH-U is the world's largest collection in a single software, including more than 239 models of amplifiers, cabinets, effects and microphones, including officially authorized models from well-known manufacturers. The culmination of revolutionary DSP technology allows users to swap preamp tubes and power amp tubes and even change the variation of included amplifiers. In addition, the included Rig Player reproduces tones with incredible fidelity. With an ingeniously simple user interface, preset previews, amp morphing and other revolutionary features, TH-U is well ahead of the era of guitar amp modeling. And if you think it's cool to work with TH-U, you'll be absolutely blown away by how good it sounds. The patented Rig To Model (R2M) technology allows Overloud engineers to capture and sample impulse responses, including the non-linear and dynamic response of amplifier, cabinet, microphones, mic preamp and room sound. Rig To Model technology allows you to record both analog and digital settings. The Rig Player integrated into TH-U allows you to reproduce any nuance of sampled rigs. Thanks to innovative DSP technology, TH-U is equipped with a new panel that allows you to change lamp models, as well as simulate the action of a variact. This allows you to modify any amplifier model with a virtually limitless combination of tubes and opens up new sonic possibilities.


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