Pioneer DJ Rekordbox 6 Professional 6.6.3

Rekordbox is a professional DJ platform that integrates everything from cloud music management to creative performance capabilities. It allows you to easily DJ through different devices connected to the cloud service from anywhere in the world. The platform supports all Pioneer DJ equipment, including CDJ/XDJ players and DJ controllers.

Additional Information
Installation Features: Before starting installation: 1. Open command prompt (as administrator). 2. Type notepad C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and press Enter. 3. Add to the opened hosts file: Code: select all And save the changes. Install Rekordbox 6 After the installation is completed, do not run! Copy lsapiw64.dll file with replacement to the folder with the installed program (RMB on desktop shortcut > File Location) Note: (optional) the optional_settings.reg file is needed for those who want to change their data (name, email, password) in the registry.

Pioneer DJ Rekordbox 6 Professional 6.6.3File Size 366 MB

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