Pitch Innovations - Fluid Chords v1.0.2 VSTi, VSTi3 x64

Fluid Chords - is a hosted MIDI-FX plug-in that uses MPE technology to transmit chords. You'll need MPE-compatible synths/samplers to experience Fluid Chord banding - but don't worry, there are FREE MPE synths like the Surge XT to get you started. Synthesizer CompatibilityMPE-enabled synthesizers - Xfer Serum, Roli Equator, Surge XT, Arturia Pigments 2 and up, SQ80V, UVI Falcon, Cherry Audio (Dreamsynth, DCO-106, etc.), Spectrasonics Omnisphere (requires manual tuning), Matt Tytel Vital, Fxpansion Strobe2, Cypher2, Madrona Aalto, Audio Damage Quanta, Logic Pro X, and stock Ableton Live synths (only using standalone app). DAW compatible Ableton Live 9 and above - VST3, AU, standalone application (Ableton 11 with MPE compatibility), Bitwig Studio - VST3, standalone application, Logic Pro X - AU, standalone application, Cubase - VST3, standalone application, FL Studio - VST3, Studio One - VST3, standalone application, Reaper - VST3, MainStage - AU, Digital Performer - VST3, Tracktion Waveform - VST3.


File Size 35.5MB

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