Polyverse Music - Gatekeeper 1.3.13 VST, VST 3, AAX

Developers from Polyverse Music and the popular electronic duo Infected Mushroom have released the third joint plugin - Polyverse Gatekeeper. The novelty is a volume modulator that changes the volume of the signal based on various patterns and offers gate and ducking functions, the ability to create creative amplification and stuttering effects, and much more. According to the developers, Gatekeeper is the most versatile volume management tool ever created.

Additional Information
When developing the plugin, developers and musicians pursued the goal of creating the most accurate and flexible gate in the world. Gatekeeper can act as an LFO, envelope, step sequencer, automation tool, and a system of shortcuts and graphs make creating automation with Polyverse Gatekeeper much easier than other similar plugins. The plugin allows you to control 8 envelopes via MIDI input or use the CV output to work with connected hardware like modular synths. The development includes more than 100 patterns and presets to get started, which are suitable for recording, mixing and sound design. Fast and accurate volume modulation 8 independent volume envelopes Expressive and fun envelope drawing tools Boost and cut functions for extra punch Anti-aliasing algorithm to eliminate clicks and pops Fully customizable MIDI trigger Pan tools Looping with tempo display CV output for modular synths MIDI CC output for controlling other instruments and effects Hundreds of presets


File Size 10.3 MB

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