Steinberg - Cubase Pro 12 Content (SOUNDBANK)

VST Sound and Loop Sets are sound libraries specially designed for Cubase and Nuendo users. Technically, they are a set of well marked up sound files combined into a single file. All VST sound sets and loops have the .vstsound filename extension. Content 1.Verve Presets.vstsound 2.Drum Loop Expansion 01.vstsound 3.LoopMash Loop Set 01.vstsound 4.LoopMash Loop Set 02.vstsound 5.EDM_Toolbox_MIDI_Loops.vstsound 6.Rock Pop Toolbox 01.vstsound 7.Rock Pop Toolbox 02. vstsound 8.Caleidoscope.vstsound 9.Vintage Verb Collection.vstsound 10.Analog Techno.vstsound 11.Blockbuster.vstsound 12.Hip Hop Vault.vstsound 13.Ambience.vstsound 14.Soul_Assembly.vstsound 15.Mystic_Spaces.vstsound 16.Bloom. vstsound 17.Dancefloor Tech House.vstsound 18.Hard Knocks.vstsound 19.Lo Fi Dreams.vstsound 20.Night Call Synthwave.vstsound 21.Noir.vstsound 22.SequelContent.vstsound

Additional Information
Installation Method 1: If you have Steinberg Library Manager (SLM) installed ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------- -------------- 1. Start SLM. 2. Drag the included "Content" folder to the SLM GUI. 3. Install everything. Method 2 - if you do not have SLM (manual installation) -------------------------------------- ------------ -------------------------------------- ------------ Copy the "Content" folder to "%PROGRAMDATA%\Steinberg\".

File Size 28.89GB

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