Arobas Music - Guitar Pro 8.0.0 18 x86 x64

The best creator and reader of Tabs to
create, play and share notes!

Enjoy practicing
Play along with your score using an audio file such as a song or backing track.
Relative tempo and detune mode are also compatible with the audio track.

Easy to Edit
Synchronize an audio file with the score to easily transcribe songs.

Share your knowledge
Insert an audio file containing a recording of your teaching instructions to your music students or members of your band.

Focus/Defocus Track
Quickly boost or cut a selected track to create volumetric contrast with other tracks.

Work on your rhythm with the visual metronome
Play with the new visual metronome and countdown display on the LCD screen.

Fix Tempo
Ignore tempo changes and automation in the score to easily learn new songs and riffs.

Change relative speed
Press the +/- keys to speed up or slow down the relative speed or fixed tempo of your song during playback.

Line-In Sound Lock
You can now lock your preset with line-in to keep the same sound when you change tracks or even when you close the file.

File Size : 1.02GB

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