Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Dry Relic (KONTAKT)

Many acoustic guitar sample libraries focus on providing clean, balanced tone: lots of body and crisp highs. All of these qualities are great if you want a sound that fits in with the mix, but sometimes you need a guitar that brings its own personality.

Introducing the Dry Relic Evolution. Recorded using a Gibson J-45 from the early 50's, this guitar has seen a lot of history and has many more to tell. There is nothing better than the sound of aged wood, which becomes more and more characteristic with each season. Combined with a set of worn strings, the guitar has a great, tight low end with a spark of life in the high frequencies. The library is exactly what you need to give your song a personality.

We developed the library in partnership with Rosewood Recording Company, one of the most respected recording studios in Utah. Guy Randle, owner and sound engineer of the Rosewood Recording Company, included analog audio equipment to skilfully give the guitar a rich tone and emphasize it. Evolution Dry Relic includes both the recorded signal and the amplified signal.

File Size 6.34GB

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